3 Double Beds with private pool lonavala

Jalsa Villa Lonavala

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Private pool

pool allowed only for guest private pool for guest and guest can access pool over night.

3 Bed Rooms

The villa has 3 bedrooms with private pool and air conditioning.accommodate up-to 20 people. 3 bedrooms and private swimming pool, living room and kitchen.

Children & Pet -friendly

pet-friendly holiday rentals in Lonavala we allow pet to stay our property with some condition.

Food Facilities

we also provide a food facilities for guest at villa and guest can also prepare food it self usually most guest can take full day food package.

Mountain View

The villa is located near hill side so guest can see the awesome mountain view with all surround greenery.

Top Rated Villa

Discover genuine guest reviews for Lonavala jalsa villa lonavala

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